Jewellery Repairs


At Kemps Of Broadmead, we have trusted workshops across the UK that able to undertake a vast array of repairs of jewellery, involving gold, silver and platinum.  varying in work from a simple soldering task, to a complete restoration of severely damaged rings. Please do not hesitate in contacting us with enquires about what we can do to help you. To list just a few of the popular repairs of jewellery; Ring re-sizing, Chain soldering, New half shanks, Claw re-tipping, Re-modelling and replacement of missing stones. Our time scales vary depending on the work, but once we understand your repair, we are more than happy to supply an estimate in price and time scale.


Watch Repairs

We have the best team internally and external to our store, that can handle most watch repairs. If you would like to bring in your watch, we can provide you with a free assessment of the watch(es), talk you through different options, and which is best, as well as helping you in picking what’s right for you with a fair price. The team at Kemps are honest and fair, over charging or giving wrongful advice is simply not our style.  Our watch repairs include; Servicing, glass replacements, button and stem replacements, link removal, battery replacements. (Battery replacements is one of the more common procedures we handle day to day, we have the reseal facilities to reseal to the manufacturers specifications). 
Please note that many of the higher end brands have restricted the ability of watch makers to receive specific parts, however if no parts are required with the watch, then servicing by our Rolex trained watch maker is still possible. Please ask in store for details.

Clock Repairs

At Kemps of Broadmead, we have a big passion for clocks,  no matter of age, quality or condition, please do bring in a clock you may have found in an attic gathering dust, as we can help you in creating a restoration, bringing the wonder back into it!  We are one of the last jewellers in the Bristol area that can repair and service clocks. Estimates can be obtained by bringing the clock into our Broadmead shop. We will ensure its safe transportation to the clock maker, and he will then issue an estimate to repair or service.